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Fund Managers » EverPoint Asset Management, LLC » LIVANOVA PLC

Disclosed positions for EverPoint Asset Management, LLC in LIVANOVA PLC

Company % short Change Date changed/created
LIVANOVA PLC 0.65% ↑ 0.10% 2016-07-06

Previous disclosures by EverPoint Asset Management, LLC

Company % short Date changed/created
LIVANOVA PLC 0.65% 2016-07-06
LIVANOVA PLC 0.55% 2016-05-17
LIVANOVA PLC 0.61% 2016-05-04
LIVANOVA PLC 0.51% 2016-04-15
LIVANOVA PLC 0.61% 2016-02-26
LIVANOVA PLC 0.51% 2016-02-24
LIVANOVA PLC 0.73% 2016-02-09
LIVANOVA PLC 0.61% 2016-01-05
LIVANOVA PLC 0.55% 2016-01-04
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