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We have changed the way we show data on this page. It now shows the date that short positions were changed rather than the date on which they were disclosed to the FCA.

Positions changed on Wednesday 11 December

Company Fund % short Change Date changed
DAILY MAIL&GENERAL TST-A NV SFM UK Management LLP 0.91% 0.0% 11 Dec 2019
MAJESTIC WINE PLC Ennismore Fund Management Limited 0.40% -1.67% 11 Dec 2019
WILLIAM HILL PLC AHL Partners LLP 0.50% 0.0% 11 Dec 2019
EQUINITI GROUP PLC Lancaster Investment Management LLP 0.59% -0.39% 11 Dec 2019
ULTRA ELECTRONICS HLDGS PLC Lancaster Investment Management LLP 0.58% -0.15% 11 Dec 2019
MENZIES(JOHN) Lombard Odier Asset Management (Europe) Limited 0.49% -0.01% 11 Dec 2019
PREMIER OIL PLC AHL Partners LLP 0.77% -0.21% 11 Dec 2019
KEYWORDS STUDIOS PLC AHL Partners LLP 0.60% 0.08% 11 Dec 2019